Frequently Asked Questions

Timber Flooring Frequently Asked Questions

Timber being a natural product guarantees that every piece is different. The colour of timber is determined by the species, and is influenced by geographic location, natural tonal variations and natural markings or features in each type of timber. The large display platforms in our flooring showroom allow you to appreciate the natural colour variations in all species. To help with your flooring selection we suggest you choose from three colour spectrums – Creams, Browns and Reds.

  • Creams Tasmanian Oak, Blackbutt, US White Oak, European Oak, New England Oak, Messmate, Australian Beech, Stringybark and Victorian Ash.
  • Browns Grey Ironbark, Spotted Gum, Grey Box, Brush Box, Tallowwood.
  • Reds Jarrah, Sydney Blue Gum, Red Mahogany, Rose Gum, Turpentine.

Most flooring is supplied with an “end match” which has a tongue and groove at the end of boards. This minimises wastage making full use of our timber resources. All solid timber flooring is supplied in random lengths from 900mm to 4.8m in length, whilst “Engineered” timber flooring is supplied in set lengths of 1.9m or 2.2m.

Grade refers to the amount of natural feature visible in the timber.

  • Classic Grade – a subtle feature grading that provides a minimal amount of natural characteristics.
  • Australiana Grade – is distinguished by highlighting selective characteristics giving your timber floor a unique character as individual as a signature.
  • Natural Grade – contains a high level of natural markings creating unique and individual floors.

  • Overlay Flooring – 12mm to 15mm: a range of slim flooring in both solid and engineered flooring is offered. Slim floors are often selected when matching heights to other flooring materials such as carpet or tiling.
  • Standard flooring – 19mm – 21mm: an extensive product range is available in either solid or engineered flooring in both unfinished or pre-finished
  • Wide board flooring – 20mm- 23mm: wide solid flooring often is made thicker for dimensional stability.

Tait Flooring can offer you a flooring solution that can be tailored exactly to your application. We have the following floor types.

  • Solid Flooring – unfinished in an extensive size range.
  • Engineered Flooring – a 4mm to 6mm solid wood wear layer bonded to a plywood base for stability and convenience. Offered in pre-finished and unfinished form (for staining and site finishing).
  • Pre-finished flooring – already conveniently coated. Available in bamboo, a limited range of solid hardwood and in collection of Engineered European Oak flooring.

19mm thick Boards wider than 85mm (e.g. 108, 130 & 180mm) should be top nailed however board widths of up to 130mm can be secret nailed if floors are fully trowel glued onto a flat panel substrate. Solid Timber Overlay Floors typically 12-15mm in thickness can be secret nailed at the tongue in widths up to 180mm, provided the flooring is fully trowel glued

Your built environment needs to be relatively stable temperature and humidity for a floor to perform well, Timber responds to seasonal variations in temperature and humidity by absorbing moisture or drying out, thereby effectively swelling or shrinking with seasonal changes. Direct heat and sunlight on a floor through windows will obviously dry out your floor causing shrinkage gaps between floorboards.
You certainly can. Tait Flooring has a range of high quality acoustic underlay matting that reduces noise, both airborne and impact. Highly suited to apartments where Body Corp requires noise transfer reduction between apartments. Acoustic matting is designed as a system for use with all types of timber flooring.

Tait Flooring are appointed stockist of LOBA & Whittle Wax floor finishes and floor care products. Floor staining is a very popular method of achieving a uniform colour on a timber floor and requires a high degree of expertise. Your floor can then be finished in traditional polyurethanes, water based coatings, oils and waxes. Tait Flooring can refer you to a number of specialists in this field.

Tait Flooring does not install timber floors however we can provide you with a number of flooring installation specialists that have expertise in all types of timber floors. • Pre-finished floors • Engineered floors • Parquetry • Solid Flooring • Wide board installations

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