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Brush Box is a large hardwood with a squarish lower trunk that flourishes in the rich soils of the north east coast of Australia between Sydney and Cairns.

With it’s beautiful lush chocolate colours highlighted with reddish-pinkish undertones Brush Box is a floor that matches well with modern elegant spaces. Brush Box has an even texture with a very tight interlocking grain.

Name Brushbox
Size (mm) 80 x 13, 83 x 14, 86 x 10, 130 x 14, 180 x 14, 85 x 19, 130 x 19, 180 x 21
Appearance Even texture with a very tight interlocked grain
Colours Chocolate to reddish - pinkish brown
Grades Select, Standard
Janka Rating 9.5
Botanical Name Lophostemon Confertus
80, 83, 85, 86, 130, 180
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Width (mm)
Janka Hardness Rating

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