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Radial Timber SCREEN BOARDS are available in a range of both bevelled edge and square profiles that feature smooth dressed or rough sawn finishes. SCREEN BOARDS are produced from durable native hardwoods and provide a cost effective solution to household security, privacy or climate control.

All Radial Timber screening products are sawn from naturally durable Victorian re-growth hardwoods such as: Silvertop Ash, Southern Mahogany or Yellow Stringybark (NOTE: Silvertop Ash has been approved for use in high fire danger zones – refer BCC Practice Note 46, 2001).

Dressed 55 x 19mm, 80 x 19mm, 55 x 40mm
Sawn 50 x 23mm, 75 x 25mm, 100 x 25mm
Timber Species Silvertop Ash
Fixing SCREEN 19 to 25mm thick – 1 No. 50mm long steel twisted shank nails or screws
SCREEN 30 to 50mm thick – 1 No. 65mm long steel twisted shank nails or screws
Lengths Random from 1.5 to 5.4m or set length 1.2m, 1.8m, 2.4m

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