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A elegant lustful red, Red Ironbark is a quintessential icon species having been used in Australia’s history as a strong durable hardwood. Recognised as one of the hardest hardwood flooring available in the world, Red Ironbark combines an inspiring cathedral grain pattern with a deep dark rouge colour. Red Ironbark is a medium to large tree that grows in the dryer regions in Northern New South Wales and Eastern Queensland.

Name Red Ironbark
Size 83 x 14, 130 x 14, 180 x 14, 180 x 21
Appearance Moderately coarse but even texture with an interlocked grain
Colour Deep crimson red with distinctive sapwood
Grade Prestige, Standard, Rustic
Janka Rating 14
Botanical Name Eucalyptus Sideroxylon, Eucalyptus Fibrosa, Eucalyptus Crebra
83, 130, 180
Ruler icon
Width (mm)
Janka Hardness Rating

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