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Trees are affected by wildfires, years of drought and attack by insects. Flood and strong winds stunt their growth with each piece showing nature's signature. Deep red gum veins formed by fire, ambrosia beetle marks, pin holes and squiggly worm marks are all evident. Also known as Southern Blackbutt, Chestnut. The harshness of life deep in Australia’s south-eastern forests is etched into the grainy heart of every Australian Wormy Chestnut floorboard. Attacks from blistering bushfires, the parched years of drought, the ravages of insects and the sand-blasting of relentless winds shapes a bespoke wood perfect for today’s modern design requirements. This is a low maintenance wood that makes a statement and is finding favour with designers and architects nationally and internationally.

Common name Wormy Chestnut
Size (mm) 85 x 14, 130 x 14, 85 x 19, 130 x 19, 180 x 21
Appearance Squiggly worm trails, ambrosia beetle holes and deep red veins reflect its struggle for survival in the savage beauty of the Australian landscape
Grade Rustic, Natural
Profile Tongue & Groove
Janka rating 8.1
Botanical name Eucalyptus Obliqua
85, 130, 180
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Width (mm)
Janka Hardness Rating

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